Conversations by Basil Jackson

Trying to play a little cover corner? (I heard those corners can get out of control!)

Hell nah! (Why not an heavenly YES!)

As soon as I find a Locks of Love drive I’m gonna do that, (Wait until I get lost in your first though.)

Is the Clemson game on TV now? (No, but I think you’ve watched enough TV for today.)

Yo anybody know… (I don’t know, but what does it mean ‘to know’?)

I’m not playing beer games. (I’m playing mind games tonight instead.)

We need to text people and see what’s going on. (Yeah, better to see what’s going on than what’s coming off. Actually, not always true.)

I got an email to confirm my first interview. (Oh nice, let’s all flaunt our achievements in the living room. Great stuff.)

Tryna get food dude? (No, I’m not tryna…. or fittna for that matter either. Besides, eating with people is soooo last century.)

I think he’s got a broken arm. (Meanwhile I think I have a broken spirit, but no one’s asking me about that.)

I didn’t do that but that’s interesting. (Pronouns on pronouns on pronouns. Cool.)

Umm, I’ve only read through the instructions. (Sounds like my writing class.)


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